The Barn at Valhalla

Meet the owners…

One evening my brother Jimmy and his lovely girlfriend, now wife, Leilani invited me to dinner at their favorite night time spot for our mother’s birthday. Thinking it would be a typical Friday night birthday celebration we were pleasantly surprised to find out they were engaged! Let the venue search begin! They asked me to tag along to check out a venue they were interested in for their wedding it was called The Barn at Valhalla to which I excitedly obliged. Upon our arrival for the tour, I see the smiling face of one of my former coworkers greeting us at the door. How lucky! Come to find out, she and her husband had purchased the place several years ago and turned it into an award winning wedding venue. After the tour, since I am a realtor, she mentioned to us about the place being for sale if I knew of anyone who might be interested in purchasing it. My brother and I took one look at each other and didn’t have to speak a word. We both looked back at her and in unison said ‘we’ll take it’ and the rest is history! We couldn’t be happier pouring our hearts and souls into it treating each and every wedding at our venue as if it was our own. We can’t wait to meet you! -Marguerite