We make it easy and comfortable! 

Here's the fine print for those who have booked and those who are seriously considering it.



  • COORDINATOR: A professional wedding coordinator is required for at least the day of the event with more than 50 guests. 
  • VENDORS:  There is no preferred vendor list. Caterers must be licensed and experienced in serving large numbers of people in a way that respects and cares for the venue. 
  • EVENT INSURANCE: Contact Landon Phillips BB&T, lnphillips@bbandt.com, 336-733-0480. Coverage needs to be a $1M General Liability Insurance with The Barn at Valhalla named as Additional Insured and a Liquor Liability. Your caterer’s liquor liability is not sufficient. Although your caterer will be there during the reception, their own Liquor Liability is only in effect for the few hours that they are on site. We require you get your own Liquor Liability to cover you for your entire rental period, which is typically Friday -Sunday. The policy needs to cover the Barn and Lodge (if you are renting both buildings) and should last from the date of arrival through the date of departure. BB&T will send a copy of the Certificate of Insurance to valhallabarn@gmail.com (Due with final payment). 
  •  ALCOHOL:  When serving alcohol for your event, licensed bartenders are required. There's no self-pouring allowed. If serving liquor (other than beer and wine), a liquor license is required. Send us a copy of your liquor license if your event meets the criteria.



  • THE LOFT:  Includes sheets and towels.  The beds will be made and no clean-up is necessary.
  •  CAPACITY: The inside of The Barn is limited to 150 people.  However, a tent may be set up outside on the blacktop or grass and  the interior used for another purpose.  If your guest list is over 125, you will need to rent at least one porta-pottie. 
  •  KITCHENS: Used for finishing up and warming food only.  No prep, please – we are not licensed as an  industrial kitchen.  A SubZero refrigerator/freezer is available for your use.  Other cooking and grilling may be done outside The Barn on the covered concrete slab.
  •  TENTS: Tents and are permitted on the hardtop (103 ft. x 60 ft.) or grass.  
  • MULTIPLE EVENTS: It is understood that if you hold an event the evening before the main event, you are responsible for cleaning and flipping the venue (Arrangements can be made, but are not included).
  • INVENTORY: You and your team are responsible for setting up tables, chairs, etc. (Arrangements can be made, but are not included). After you leave, we break down our inventory. Any items from outside vendors (other than tents), must be broken down and stowed on the concrete slab for pickup.  



  •  HANGING DECORATIONS: There are nails and hooks already in place on the walls and beams.  If you need to hang something where there is no hook, use only Command Strips.  
  •  SMOKING: All indoor areas are NON-SMOKING. Smoking must be done outside and all cigarette butts are to be placed in the cigarette butt cans.  You must police the area before leaving.
  •  NOISE: There are to be no speakers outside other than those provided in the hearth area where only soft music can be played during a ceremony. All doors of The Barn must be closed at 10:00 pm in consideration of community noise ordinances. However, there is no curfew for the party. 
  •  POND: No swimming or floating untethered objects in the pond (There are snapping turtles and we are not responsible for accidents relating to the pond).
  •  FIRES/FIREWORKS: No fires to be burned other than in the hearth or fire pit (wood provided).  All candles must be contained.  No fireworks other than sparkler sticks.